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Writing has opened up many doors for me, most importantly the great people I have met and befriended over the years. Fellow authors, readers, and other special individuals. My dear editor -Jerine P. Watson- was my mentor and helped me hone my craft.        
Visit the Fairhaven Homecoming in Fairhaven Massachusetts on June 29, 2019. There's a great variety of crafts, delicious food, music, and plenty of activities for the kids!
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My first book signing was held at Baker Books in Dartmouth, Ma. in 2004. There was a great turnout and I sold close to fifty books! 

Best wishes to Howard on his retirement from the Seafood Inspection Program! Thanks for being a great supervisor, Howard...even if it was for only a short time!
My second book of short stories is nearing completion. Below is a snippet from one of the stories titled 'The List'. 
The List

Jack passionately kissed Myra as they lay upon the rumpled sheets. Their damp hair stuck to their skin; their breathing slowly returned to normal. Jack smiled at her and then rose to dress. He slipped into his breeches and shirt all the while studying the pretty dark-haired woman reclining on the bed. Pulling his boots on, he winked at her.

“When is the ship sailing?”

“At high tide tonight,” he replied.

“How long will you be gone?”

He shrugged. “Until the barrels are full of oil…one, maybe two months.”

“Do you have everything for your voyage?”

“Well…now that you mention it I could use a few…no…never mind.”

Myra noted the hint of embarrassment crossing his handsome features. “What? What do you need, Jack?”

“Well…I won’t get my share until we get back….”

“How much do you need, Jack?”

“I…umm…could you spare five gold?”

“I can spare seven gold, my love,” she replied retrieving a leather bag from the nightstand. “Here.”

“You don’t know how much this means to me,” he said taking the coins. “I’ll repay you when I return.”

“I’ll miss you.”

He sat on the bed next to her and kissed her. “Every day will feel like a lifetime without you.”

He slung his satchel over his shoulder never noticing the piece of paper falling out of his pocket. He opened the door, blew her a kiss, and then disappeared down the flight of stairs. Exiting the building, he ruffled the errand boy’s hair, mounted his horse, and rode away from the lighthouse.

Myra abandoned her bed. Her face glowed with emotion. Jack’s passion and promises swirled within her mind. He was the one she had been waiting for her entire life. She sighed and grabbed her robe. Belting it, she spotted the paper on the floor next to the bed. Curious, she unfolded it and read the list written in Jack’s neat handwriting. All of the entries had a line through them.

The homely wench with the ample bosom at the Crossroads Tavern- five gold

The blonde prostitute at Madam’s place- nine gold

The dark skinned singer at the Corner Saloon- nine gold

The simpleton at the lighthouse- seven gold

“You miserable mongrel,” she hissed through clenched teeth.

Myra glanced at the women on the list. She knew who they were. A slow, wicked smile materialized on her reddened face. Hastily writing three notes, she called the boy and sent him off into the early afternoon.

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